Welcome to DURC

This is the homepage of Dublin University Rifle Club, one of the oldest sports clubs in Trinity. Dedicated to the sport of Target Shooting. We are one of the largest and most successful sports clubs in college, taking home many prizes each year in both Junior and Senior categories. We cater for both novices and experienced shooters along with shooters who only want to shoot casually and those who want to begin competing in the sport.

DURC is a fully equipped target shooting club with a range located on campus set up for 10m Air Rifle. We also compete regularly in 25yd and 50m Smallbore shooting however our current range is not set up to facilitate shooting this on campus so we travel to a number of other ranges near Dublin to train. We have all the equipment you need to get started in target shooting and offer a fantastic opportunity to try out a new sport during your time here in college. We are open 5 nights a week during term from 6.30pm - 10pm. Members can sign up for a time to shoot that suits them. We will provide everything you need to get started in the sport including both equipment and instruction.

Whether you shoot casually or start to enter competitions with us is entirely up to yourself you're more than welcome either way! We offer a variety of opportunities to get more involved in target shooting if you choose to do so. DURC travels regularly to other shooting ranges around the country to compete against fellow target shooters. We also organise trips abroad and partake in competitions held in places such as Cardiff, Bisley and the Isle of Man. Have a look around to see a little more about what we do and we hope to see you down in to the range sometime to get a taste of what Target Shooting in Ireland is all about.

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