How to Join

Who can join?:

All current TCD students can join the club. Alumni and Staff are also welcome to join but must be current members of the Sports Centre

When can I join?:

You can sign up at any stage during college semesters.

How do I join?:

Find us during freshers week, or contact to get signed up.

What do I need to join?:

First you need to fill out a membership form which will be provided by a range officer. Then you need to show us your current TCD student card or Sports Centre membership (Alumni / Staff only). Our membership fee for the year is 4 euro.

Please note that you won't be allowed to shoot for the first time until we have seen your student card.

What do I get for joining?:

DURC offers you you the chance to try this wonderful sport where we provide all of the training and equipment you will need to shoot, including ammunition, use of club rifles and access to our range on campus.

DURC caters for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced shooters. Our capable range officers will train you in two Olympic disciplines in a safe, controlled environment.

Not only will you now have access to the range facilities, club equipment and rifles, training by our range officers and unlimited supply of tea and biscuits, you will now be a member of one of TCD's oldest and most successful sports clubs.

Ok you've convinced me, I'll sign up, but what then?

While we wait for our shiny new range to be built, we are organsing trips to other ranges to ensure people can try out Target Shooting with us. Once you are signed up, you'll be on a mailing list to ensure you hear about any upcoming trips.