Below you will find links to download results from matches throughout the years. All results are in PDF format. If you have any results which are not listed but you would like added, please forward them to

10m Air Rifle 25yd Prone Rifle 50m Prone Rifle
2017 National Airgun Championships
DURC Airgun Open 2017
Intervarsities 2015/2016 Founders' League Round 1 2016
UCD February Air Open
DURC Air Open Leinster Indoor Open Founders' League Round 3 2015
UCD Air Open I National Indoor Championships ECSC 50m Open
UCD August Air Open Founders' League Round 2 2015
UCD Summer Air Open DURC 50m Open / Founders' League Round 1 2015
UCD June Air Open Co. Wicklow 50m Open
UCD May Air Open East Coast Spring Open
NTSA 10m Air Rifle Championships
UCD March Air Open
UCD Febuary Air Open
UCD New Years Open

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